Entreprises, devenez vidéotonome avec Redled !

A Customized program to reach/use OUR VIDEO SOLUTION

Redled users shoot high quality content through our mobile application and receive their final video in less than 24 hours !

The Redled program in 4 steps


How to make successful business videos ?

During a coworking session, we define what kind of video will suit to your editorial strategy and will help to achieve your goals

Internal communication, tutorial, event reviews, corporate, web series, interviews, let your creativity run free !


Let's create the first video together ! It will be the lead video according to your editorial strategy

We produce together your first video helped by a Redled trainer. You also discover the mobile app and our web plateform to manage your projects.

Our team edit your raw footages and add your graphie charter for a professional looking video, you just need to download and share it !


First slate ! Your first own made video

Your Redled trainer gives you the good practices for video mobile shooting : frame, light, sound, cutaway shot… and gets you familiarized with the gear

Once trained, get other users introduces to our practices with our training tools ! (videos, tutorials,..)

Increase the skills of other users, our pre-training and distance training materials (Pdf, tutorial, Webinar, etc.) are at your disposal.


Your are now videotonomous !

To reach your editorial goals and have a better video using

Internal and external communication

+ Internal communication
+ External communication

A global offer to become videotonomous

offre formation
  • Adapted to the number of participants and to the kind of content. Motion graphics on demand.
  • Custom video charter
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • First videos made and shareable
offre abonnement
  • User licence or annual editing amount
  • France and International using
  • Admin access, projects control and image rights of users
offre options
  • API for automatic social media publishing
  • Privacy rights management
  • Personalized musical library
  • Fast post-production
Logo redled blanc

Their latest productions

The national office of aeronautic research and studies (ONERA) French equivalent of NASA, did daily videos during « le Bourget » exhibition

These daily videos have been edited by Redled's team in a very short timeframe (less than 4 hours)

They are proud to become videotonomous

I want to become videotonomous